Button Functions
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Button Functions

Here is a short description of what the buttons available in the Generated Applications do.

EXIT - Closes the screen

DEL - Depending upon how you told JGuiGen to set up your application this will either completely delete the current row from your table or it will toggle a field in the row to mark the row as "inactive." Inactive rows are ignored by JGuiGen, but they can be reactivated and they are available for reports. You can tell how your table has been set up by pressing the DEL button. You will be asked if you wish to DELETE the current row or REMOVE the current row. Note: This option may not be present if the application was set up deliberately without deletes. Your account may not have delete rights and the system will tell you this if you try to delete a row.

PRINT - This button will send a copy of the current screen to your printer.

ADD - this button will first check to see if you have made any changes to the current screen that have not been saved. If you will not lose any changes, it sets all of the components on the screen to the default value for that component (taken from the column in your database table). The SAVE button becomes and ADD button. You can fill in data and press the ADD button to enter a new row. Note: This option may not be present if the application was set up to prevent adding new rows. Your account may not have the rights to add a new row. The system will tell you this when you try to add one.

EXTRA - This brings up a small dummy screen. The purpose of this button is to have a place already built in that you can utilize for some function that JGuiGen does not have.

FIND - This button will bring up a simple query builder screen. (See the help screen for that option). You can tell the system what columns to search with and what values to use (e.g. LASTNAME is like Smith) and the JTable will be filled with rows that meet the criteria you enter. This button also gives you access to saved queries and the Report Generation system.

SAVE/ADD - this button will either save the changes you just made or add a new row depending upon whether you just pressed the CLEAR button or not. This may be missing from your system if the application was generated deliverately with no EDIT ability. Your account also may not have the rights to edit this screen. The system will tell you this if you try to edit a row.

HELP - bring up this screen.

RIGHT CLICK - brings up the pop-up menu which a number of other options.