Classes that are part of GUIGen
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JGuiGen Classes - Data Dictionary

· - This is the main application. It is basically a menu system to reach the other classes.  
·Create Data Dict - - Compares the contents of the data_dict table with the metadata from the SQL tables  
·Edit Data Dictionary - - Edit screen for the data_dict table.  
· - write a java file that contains an abstracttablemodel for one of the SQL tables.  
·Codes Bank - This class runs both the Codes Bank and the I18N table edit. The actual table is overloaded and holds both kinds of data.  
·Generate Application - - a small menu that calls A) the Write Abstract Table Model, B) the Sort Column Order and C) the Generate Code classes.  
· - a small class that allows you to sort the columns in your table into an order that makes sense when you generate an edit screen.  
· - write five java files, and an optional HTML version of the main java file. The five java files are 1) the main GUI file to view, edit, add, delete rows in a SQL table, 2) the class that builds the layout, 3) a dummy class that responds to the Extra button on generated applications 4) an file to start off a testCase run and 5) a file to test the main application.  
·Internationalization - This class runs both the I18N and the Codes bank screens. It writes resource bundles for the generated application. The resource bundles contains all of the visible text in the generated java file. This file can be translated to view the application in different languages.  
· - part of writing the Gui code.  
· - part of writing the Gui code.  
· - part of writing the Gui code.  
· - This file contains utilities and links the various applications with the AbstractTableModel files.  
· - this file creates a console that shows SQL commands and errors.  
·There are more classes now - these will be documented soon.