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Create Screen

When you click the CREATE menu option at the top of the main JGuiGen Screen you get this screen.

Create Screen

This GUI appears to the left of you PC's screen and the main JGuiGen screen minimized.

To quickly create an application: 1) choose a table/class from the combox box and 2) click on CREATE. The system generates, compiles and runs your code. You will see your application appear to the right of your screen. You can run your new applicaton through its paces as much as you want.

Lets skip to the bottom of the screen

RUN - the RUN button allows you to run this application later without regenerating it.

RUN JUNIT - this button runs a set of JUnit tests. Thes 1) open the application 2) insert a row, 3) fill it with test date 4) clear the GUI, 5) select the row again and 6) test that the values obtained via the quiery match the values put into the GUI.

HELP - pops up a help screen

EXIT - closes the screen and re-opens the JGuiGen main menu.