Preferences and Logging
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Preferences and Logging


One thing that enhances a user's experience is using an application is for the application to "remember" their prefered settings. It is very annoying to have to reset an application every time you run it. If you are handicapped and these settings are required before you can use the application it can be more than just annoying.

JGuiGen generates panels that remember these size, shape and location on the screen if the user changes the defaults. It also remembers the Pluggable Look and Feel that the user has decided to use. Included in the list of Pluggable Look and Feel's is a Low Vision, High Contrast look and feel for the visually imparred.


Making sure that you as a developer have an understanding what your application is doing, when it does it and what problems users encounter is an important part of developing a real world application. Often users will not tell you about problems, misdescribe problems and can't describe problems. One of the most common ways of collecting information about the use and abuse of use application is called logging. JGuiGen uses Java's logging facility to collect information as the applications run. This information is stored in a text file and can be very helpful in determining what is going on with your application.