Progress Monitor
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Progress Monitor

There are three classes in the com/halepringle/standord folder that show how to get a progress monitor to work.

If you run ProgressMonitorDemo. It will include ProgressMonitorInc and show how to get a progress monitor to appear was does a simulated intense task.

It involves about five steps and these are documented in the code.

1. Declare two variable PM and pmInc for a ProgressMonitor and of the ProgressMonitorInc class.
2. Instantiate a ProgressMonitor and the ProgressMonitorInc file

3. Run your task in a thread that you call with RunThread (not the SwingUtilities Runnable class).

4. Place calls to pmInc.update(percent_done, "Message about what we are doing") in your task.

5. If the call to pmInc returns a false the user has pressed the cancel button and you should place code in your task to shut down.

6. Close things down.