Top Part of Screen
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Top Part of Generated Screen

Here is the top part of a generated screen (without the menu icons) with annotations.


1. General Background items - There are a number of items describe activity going on in the background.
·Item 1 covers the overall JFrame issues.  
·Item 2 covers checking if you will lose changes before closing a window.  
·Item 3 sets the JFrame's border  
·Item 11 changes the coffee cup to your own icon  
·Item 13 changes the title on the screen.  
Examples are Pluggable Look and Feel and Internationalization (I18N).  
You will see more details in the topic  
Maniputlating the Screen  

4. Use a JTextField that does not allow too many characters to be entered

5. Using a special border to indicate required fields

6 Making a field non-editable

7. Placing tooltips on each components

8. Forcing proper format of phone numbers - Cursor/Caret Placement in Component

9. Hot Keys associated with JTextFields

10. Loading data from SQL back end

14. Generating a JUnit TestCase program to test the GUI