JTable Portion of Screen
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JTable Portion of Screen

Screen Shot

JTable Overview -
·AbtractTableModel for JTable  
·Using a ResultSet directly for data in JTable  
·Freshening data in Table when a SAVE is done.  
1. Column Headers
2. Labeled border
3. Sort on any Column - Click header again to sort descending. CTRL-Enter will also sort the column the cursor is currently in.
4. Special component to view all of the data in a text column
5. Scroll Bars
6. Click on a row
·Check if there are unsaved changes to current data. There are issue when the user is given the option to move to a different row without saving changed data and when the choose to stay on the previous row in order to SAVE those changes.  
·Stay on current row if true  
·Obtain new data from SQL database and populate row and components  
7. Special cell renderers for numbers, dates, and checkboxes
8. Change column widths. With a mouse this is done by click on the edge on a header and dragging that edit left or right. From the keyboard this is done by CTRL-UP_ARROW and CTRL-DOWN_ARROW.
9. Re-order the columns. This a mouse this is done by clicking on a column header and dragging it left or right. From the keyboard this is done by SHIFT-LEFT_ARROW or SHIFT-RIGHT_ARROW.