Middle Part of Screen
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Middle Part of Screen

Screen Shot

1. Check for valid email address format
2. Force correct Social Security Number format
3. Hot Keys on CheckBoxes
4. Pop-up Calenard and Hot Keys on Buttons

Pop-Up Calendar
jguigen_pop-up calendar.png

   There are several important things about this calendar.
·   It starts with the day, month, and year that is currently in the screen that called it. The day is highlighted so the user can tell what they are changing 'from".  
·It has a CLEAR button so that the user can remove a date that has accidentally been entered.  
·The user can close the window to abort the change.  
·The user can click on the TODAY button is easily enter today's date.  
5. Radio Buttons
6. Validating State - JSearchableComboBox
7. JTextArea