Generating an Application with JGuiGen
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Generating an Application with JGuiGen

There are four different type of classes included in JGuiGen.

·Classes for filling and editing a Data Dictionary table and generating java code.  

·Classes to run a full-blown Data Replication System.  

·Classes to include in your other projects. These include things like a JTextField that limits the number of characters the user can enter. If a field is 30 characters wide in a table and a user enters more than 30 characters, most SQL system generate an error and abort updating the table. Limiting the number of characters a user can enter into a JTextField to the width of corresponding column in the table is an elegant way to insure that this SQL error does not happen.  

·Example code showing what is generated by JGuiGen.  

The steps involved in generating a JGuiGen Application and the classes that run this generation are described below: