To Do
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To Do

Here are some of the items. See the TODO.html in the main folder for my current working list.

1. Finish testing mask types for money and email. Neither are working correctly at this point.

2. Finish adding the validations by length, mask, and regular expressions.

3. Generate a web page at the same time we generate the Swing Application. This will use Java Server Faces.

4. Get the split screen option working.

5. Add the JTree demo included in JGuiGen.

6. Finish the "Other decimal number" option to allow more than 3 decimals in the mask.

7. Finish the "encrypt" selected fields option.

8. Do the "Backup data" option on the main menu.

9. Finish color change options

10. Finish refactoring the way JGuiGen generates its code.

11. Modify so that it does not need the I18N, Data Dict and Codes bank table to run the generated application.

12. Close the SQL Injection hole by changing to prepared statements for inserts, queries and updates..